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Every 12 minutes someone in the United States takes their own lives. Over 800,000 people each year commit suicide!

Mississippi has the 3rd highest number of suicidal rates, with ages ranging from 15-34On October 31,1963 President Joh F.

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Our Vision

The Suicide Watch and Wellness Foundation’s Misha I CARE, YOU CARE, WE CARE Mental Health Awareness Campaigns will air in the great state of Mississippi including the other 210 USA markets.

This Mental Health Awareness Campaigns focuses on mental health. Our country has been overloaded with the mental instability of so many Americans that suicide is now a terrible crisis and an epidemic in America! Every 12 minutes someone takes their own life!

The campaign will bring awareness in regard to the severe STIGMAS surrounding mental illness and suicide. People need coping skills, early intervention, compassion, and therapy.

Suicide Watch And Wellness Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (C) (3) tax exempt organization headquartered in the great state of Mississippi with a global reach. We believe that you can not prevent suicide without watching for the signs that push people over the edge, resulting in Suicide and Mental Illness. One of our main goal is to Rid the STIGMAS surrounding Suicide and mental illness. We continuously promote mental health awareness messages, PSA Campaigns and our signature programs and activities for the intervention and prevention of Suicide and Mental Illness in America and around the world!

You’re not Alone

Our team of expert counselor and therapists are on standby 24/7 for you. Feel free to get in touch with us whenever you are comfortable. We, at suicide watch are always available for people suffering from any kind on stress or depression. So don’t ever think you are alone because we are always here for you.


Our Programs



Can I Tell You Something?

You are enough. You hold the power to healing, evolving and determining your success. You are important, you matter and you make a difference in this world whether you feel it or not. The world in its entirety, is based on connection, and everything you do has a ripple effect. Remember, you are important.



Peer To Peer

No! We won’t tell you struggles are blessings in disguise, because sometimes they aren’t. However, what we do believe is that every struggle, regardless of how tough it is, is essential. Through it, you learn, groom and grow. Through it you realize the power that resides in you, and it is in those times you recognize your true potential. Never give up!



Circle Up Program

Brings together communities, friends and families to share their testimonies of survival, their mental challenges and suggestions of support to help others not to get “pushed over the edge”. These stories are hard to hear. But, we have to listen! “Talk is NOT Cheap!



Sunbeam chartered school

These cottages will use every form of Therapy to help those troubled with the challenges of Anxiety, Depression, Disabilities, PTSD, Over Exhaustion, Hopelessness, Loneliness, Low Self Esteem and so on, before turning to prescribed medication. Many times those on prescription drugs end up taking their own lives anyway. These cottages will give its members an opportunity to find their own inner strengths first!



Save Our Youth Arts & Education Program

This program is specifically geared toward students and what pushed them over the edge, many times too often is centered around bullying, anxiety and loneliness.

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